Anthem by Jim Daniels Two months after retirement my father is here, to get away from 6 a.m. and his cup of empty destination. At a football game we huddle under his umbrella talking about the obvious. He brings me coffee to hold warm between my hands, a gift of no occasion. When we rise […]

June 24, 2014

Good Night by Mark Van Doren This moonlight lies Like a lovely death on the darkening eyes on the yielded breath of the Earth that turns so quietly now letting its burns be soothed somehow In the widening bloom in the tender blight it has entered our room. We sleep tonight.

May 15, 2014

Skinny-Dipping After Work at the Drive-In by Debra Nystrom No moon; the pickup’s headlights stare across the river from the bluff above, where fields of sunflower heads turn away, waiting for dawn. It’s cold, yelps Amy, and Brian calls where are you but she screams no, get away, so he and Tommy laugh, dive under […]

April 20, 2014

Child by Sylvia Plath Your clear eye is the one absolutely beautiful thing. I want to fill it with color and ducks, The zoo of the new Whose names you meditate— April snowdrop, Indian pipe, Little Stalk without wrinkle, Pool in which images Should be grand and classical Not this troublous Wringing of hands, this […]

February 17, 2014

Pocket Poem by Ted Kooser

December 31, 2013

Instrument of Choice by Robert Phillips She was a girl no one ever chose for teams or clubs, dances or dates, so she chose the instrument no one else wanted: the tuba. Big as herself, heavy as her heart, its golden tubes and coils encircled her like a lover’s embrace. Its body pressed on hers. […]

December 31, 2013

Scrambled Eggs and Whiskey by Hayden Carruth Scrambled eggs and whiskey in the false-dawn light. Chicago, a sweet town, bleak, God knows, but sweet. Sometimes. And weren’t we fine tonight? When Hank set up that limping treble roll behind me my horn just growled and I thought my heart would burst. And Brad M. pressing […]

October 20, 2013

The Orange, by Wendy Cope At lunchtime I bought a huge orange The size of it made us all laugh. I peeled it and shared it with Robert and Dave- They got quarters and I had half. And that orange made me so happy, As ordinary things often do Just lately.  The shopping.  A walk […]

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